d6 opens a forum dedicated to marketing in Algeria which aims to put companies in interaction with their customers in order to improve the relations that unite them.

Two sections are open under the names:

- C 9 which is the discussion platform for consumers who want to address either other consumers or directly to businesses to submit shopping experiences, desires, subjections, situations to be congratulated, denounced and all other subjects that they find relevant to deal with. This forum does not have the ambition to be that of a consumer association to defend problems already in dispute between a person and a commercial entity, but rather to be a positive synergy between consumers and businesses. by sharing information for the sustainable and beneficial development of these relationships.

- E 3 is the platform where companies state their activities, provide information on the points which of advantages of details, novelties, warnings, promotions, events  as well as anything that may interest you about them. Of course, we do not find all the companies, but we open wide the doors to those who have the desire to listen and the will to interact with their current and future customers.

Thus, d6 wants to be the link between the Consumer and the Company.

For the symbolism of Letters, C = Consumer, D = From, E = Company

For the symbolism of the Numbers, 9 = 6 + 3

So you have just understood our commitment by the equation C9 = D6 + E3  

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